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Apple Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

Apple Laptop Liquid Damage Repair

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Our expert technician at the Downtown Houston location performs component level board repair for liquid damaged Apple computers! If you cannot make it Downtown, you can check you device in to any of our other locations and we will transfer it there for you.

Computer liquid damage costs $100 for the attempted repair, nonrefundable. If successful without replacing or repairing components inside your computer, the final charge is $200 (an additional $100). If your computer requires component-level motherboard repair, the final charge ranges from $250 to $500 depending on the severity of damage.

Please be aware that the liquid damage repair can take up to 2 weeks or longer to complete. After repairing any liquid damage you might have, you may or may not need additional parts replaced that cannot be treated, such as keyboards, batteries, or screens.

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