Computer Software

We repair all makes and models of laptops, desktops, and tablet computers.

Common software repairs:

  • Virus removal*
  • System optimization
  • Operating system repair/re-installation**
  • Data recovery***
  • Hard drive cloning****
  • Account recovery (Windows only)
  • Password removal (Mac OS & Windows XP/Vista/7 only)*****
  • Program installation
  • And More!

If you are unsure whether or not you have a software problem, please contact us and explain your issues and we will help you diagnose the problem.

*Viruses are often present on computers that are running slow, acting ‘weird’, or running old software.
**Reinstalling Windows will completely wipe your machine. Personal data, but not programs, can be saved prior to the installation if your storage device is accessible. For Windows 7 and Vista, your original activation key must be legible otherwise a new key must be purchased at additional cost.
***Data recovery is only possible on hard drives and solid state drives without physical damage. Recovered data may or may not retain its original file folder structure.
****Cloning is only possible if the source storage device is in proper working order. Target storage device must be equal or greater than the source’s maximum storage capacity.
*****Removing a password from a Mac computer may result in Keychain errors.