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About Us

The Fix Ur Gadget concept was founded in the Fall of 2010 when a family member came home from high school with a cracked iPhone 4 screen.  When frustrated mounted from the lack of places to repair the phone, a business opportunity was born.  Five years later and 5 stores have transformed Fix UR Gadget into a major player in the Gadget Repair market.  At Fix Ur Gadget, we have seen and repaired, nearly every type of damaged smartphone, tablet, game console and laptop computer. Fix Ur Gadget is a leader in the market with the combination of affordability, quality and speed. Let our team at Fix Ur Gadget handle your gadget repair needs.

All our repairs come with a 30-day warranty. Any part that we replace is covered. All you have to do is contact us. We stand behind our work and will make any repair right if it is not to your satisfaction.  If any issue were to arise, let us know and we will fix it fast. The warranty does not cover accidental damage, only manufacturers defective parts. At Fix Ur Gadget, we only use top of the line replacement parts. 

We strive to repair most smart phones and tablets in 1 to 2 hours.  Some smartphones we need to special order parts and it can take longer.  We stock many parts at our warehouse but there are over 400 models of phones we repair and 5 to 10 components in each phone.  Game consoles and laptops take a little longer to repair.  Our customer service person will advise a estimated repair time for these gadgets.  Quality and speed with a friendly smile is what we strive for each and every day. 

We want you to have a wonderful customer experience at Fix Ur Gadget.  We know if you are happy, you will tell your family and friends about us.  We are in this business for the long term.  We are a Houston based, family owned business.  Call us today at 713.523.5100.

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