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Houston entrepreneur offers quick fixes for cracked iPhones, iPads

by Jeremy Desel / KHOU 11 News


HOUSTON—It’s tough looking at the world through cracked glass. But getting your smartphone fixed after you drop it has traditionally been a costly and time consuming time. Not any more.

Tori Alfano didn’t have to look far to get the idea for her business because she has kids, who just keep breaking stuff.

Not just any stuff, pricy stuff.

“Where do we get things fixed. There is no place. And everyone wants things fixed immediately,” Alfano said.

With that, Fix UR Gadget was born.

“So it will take about 35-40 minutes,” she tells a customer,  to go from a shattered screen on the iPhone 4s to a brand new one.

Hillary Lipsey knew she had a problem.

“A friend saw my phone was broken and she said that had happened to hers last week and told me to come by,” she said.

It’s a $50 fix and beats what she thought her only choice was.

“I assumed that I was going to have to buy a new phone. I didn’t know that it was possible to fix like this,” Lipsey said.

Phones can cost more than $500  to replace and tablets like iPads are closer to $700.

They look super sturdy with the solid metal back and the solid front but, whether it is the iPhone or the iPad, the bottom line is they are still made of glass.

“Ninety percent of the new business is Apple products, “ she said. “Cracked screens, cracked phones, cracked tablets.”

It is a business growing thanks to a lot of clumsy folks and word of mouth.

The original location on South Shepherd has been open a year.

There is a second in Memorial City and a third is coming soon to Sugarland.

All of the Fix UR Gadget locations offer same day, and even within the hour service.

“Everybody wants their phone now! You can’t live without your phone. We found that out—that everybody can’t live without their gadgets, even their games,” she said.


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